Filipa Bossuet

Using painting, photography and experimental video to portray identity processes, blackness, memory and healing, Filipa Bossuet is the culmination of an interest in the arts, journalism and everything that makes her feel alive. She graduated in Communication Sciences, is a student in the Migrations, Inter-ethnicities and Transnationalism master's program, and is a member of the Black Arts Union. Since the professionalization of her artistic work, in 2020, she has directed and edited the video about the performance "Coronas in the Sky, Not a Manifesto! an essay on Afrofuturism" by Melissa Rodrigues; participated in the group exhibitions: "Linguagens e Identidades" at Rama em Flor Festival, "Kilombo" at Espaço Alkantara curated by Aurora Negra and "Linha Imaginária" at MU.SA (Sintra Arts Museum), in 2021. In the same year, she illustrated the book "Sempre que Acordo" by Lara Mesquita, cover of the 1st edition of the New Female Authorship Dramaturgy Award, by the Cepa Torta Theater Company. She also developed the concept MANKAKA KADI KONDA KO which branches out, in a first moment, into her first independent solo installation, in a 360º virtual context, of immersion into the artist's physical and mental creative space. In 2022, the concept develops into a second ramification, in a physical installation, present in the exhibition "Interferences" at MAAT.