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About the host

Isabel Carlos is a curator and art critic, held the position of art advisor for Lisbon'94 - European Capital of Culture, and was the co-founder and deputy director of the Instituto de Arte Contemporânea (Portuguese Institute of Contemporary Art), supervised by the Ministry of Culture (1996-2001). Among other activities, Carlos organized the Portuguese representations at the Venice Biennial (2001), and the São Paulo Biennial (1996 and 1998). Carlos was a member of the juries of the Venice Biennale (2003) and the Turner Prize (2010); the artistic director of the Sidney Biennial (2004); the curator of the Portugal Pavilion at the Venice Biennial (2005), with the artist Helena Almeida, and of the 9th Sharjah Biennial (2009). Carlos was director of CAM - Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon (2009 to 2015).


Join an exclusive, in-depth, and community-engaged art trip

We invite you to join a select group of 7 guests, peer curators and art directors for an exclusive, 8 day-stay art trip across the Lisbon, Alentejo, and Algarve regions of Portugal.

Isabel Carlos is curating an experience-based circuit to offer you the opportunity to discover or increase your knowledge of the distinctive Portuguese contemporary art scene, through meaningful and valuable encounters with artists, curators, collectors, and other art professionals.

We want to get together

for the exceptional

Encounters to experience

Get to know the art and enjoy the Portuguese way of welcoming

Supported by a network of specialized partners, your host Isabel Carlos, is curating a journey that will grant you private access to exhibitions, museums, galleries, artist's studios, and art spaces, as well as moments of leisure and premium hospitality.

You will experience the country's most hospitable traditions,

be accommodated in exclusive settings, taste the local gastronomy at its best

and travel with comfort to discover Portugal's contemporary art scene, architecture, cultural heritage, and landscape.

Throughout your stay you will

get together with art professionals

discover artist's studios and arts organizations

have private access to collections and museums

enjoy unique and meaningful encounters

experience the country's hospitality

have the time to truly engage with the local community

Encounters to share

Share your experience and key-questions for the future

You are part of a group of professionals who, in our view, positively shape the art world. Having you with us, as part of the inaugural edition of PARTE programme, is also an opportunity to invite you to share your worldviews, experiences, projects, and expectations for the future with the local art community and wider audiences.

The PARTE Circuit you are invited for culminates with an international art summit, named PARTE Summit, and with the launch of the first PARTE Book, activities to which we would also like to call on your contribution.

We look forward to explore Portugal with you and make the most of this encounter with contemporary art.

Parte Circuit

30th of July to the 7th of August 2022

Will you be part of PARTE?

PARTE Circuits are focused on the recognition of the Portuguese contemporary art ecosystem.   A selected group of seven guests — consisting of six curators and art directors, and one art critic or journalist — is invited for each circuit: an 8 day-stay all-around art trip.   The guests are granted exclusive access to exhibitions, museums, private collections, galleries, artist's studios, and art spaces, as well as relevant opportunities for networking with peers and colleagues, with artists, and other art agents based in Portugal.   The finely curated programme combines an agenda of professional activities with a premium welcoming experience, moments of leisure, and discovery of the country's diverse regional cultures and heritage.

Further details on the PARTE Circuits can be requested and discussed one-to-one, and the final programme will be delivered in March.

Parte Summit

6th of August 2022

What do you feel to be the most pressing issue right now?

PARTE Summit is an annual public symposium, committed to the reflection and sharing of knowledge, held at the end of each PARTE Circuit.   The Summit develops around key issues presented by the participating curators and art directors in a sequence of lectures, master classes, debates and performances. It also gathers a multidisciplinary panel of authors and experts invited to engage with the proposed issues.   The event is organized in two full-day sessions, presented in two different Portuguese cities, seeking to bring together an audience interested in artistic creation in the context of its relation to the transformation of territories and societies.

The PARTE Summit programme and locations will be announced in May 2022.

Parte Book

Launch: 30th of July 2022

How can we create a map of Contemporary Art in Portugal?

PARTE Book is an editorial project that combines a guide for Art Tourism in Portugal with texts and essays by guest authors on topical issues of the contemporary art world.   The Book will comprise a mapping of the country's art system, projects, and institutions, developed in line with the highlights of the annual PARTE programme.   Curators and art directors participating in PARTE are asked to contribute to the book, by developing the issues proposed for the Summit through text or visual essays, interviews, and other types of content.

All the guests and contributors will be offered copies of the PARTE Book.

PARTE Portugal Art Encounters is a programme by Flamingo Circuit, a company based in Lisbon, and co-founded and directed by the curator Miguel Mesquita and the art consultant Sílvia Escórcio.
The programme is developed in partnership with VisitPortugal, and the Portuguese Ministry of Culture. By highlighting the local artistic ecosystem this joint venture proposes to develop the Art Tourism sector in Portugal and to promote meaningful visits headed by sustainable models for mobility, within the international circuit and worldwide art communities.


We hope you feel as excited about becoming part of PARTE as we are excited to host you.

All the arrangements and costs of your participation in the programme will be covered, including flights, transfers, accommodation, travel insurances, meals, tickets, and others related to the activities included in the Circuit.

For the contributions to the PARTE Summit and PARTE Book we offer you a fee of 1,000.00€. Accepting this invitation implies the celebration of a Reliance Agreement.

The programme and all its activities will fully comply with the health and safety measures implemented by the Portuguese Government.

Reliance Agreement

All costs covered and a fee of 1000€

Clean & Safe Certified

Fully booked and travel insured

While we are creating a unique programme for you, please feel free to reach us or your host curator, Isabel Carlos, at any time. We look forward to hearing from you, and it will be a pleasure to have you as our guest and as part of PARTE.