Loulé Session

Cineteatro Louletano



09:30 am - 18:30 pm


Doors Open:

09:00 am



Cineteatro Louletano

Avenida José da Costa Mealha

8100-501 Loulé




Tickets and Passes:


Pass for 2 sessions Coimbra and Loulé: 40,00€.

Pass for 2 sessions Coimbra and Loulé with 50% discount: 20,00€.

Sales end Jul 25, 2022


Passes for the two sessions of PARTE Summit are available for sale in limited number, however single tickets for the Loulé and Coimbra sessions may be purchased at the physical or online ticket offices of the respective venues in Loulé and Coimbra.


Discounts apply to students, residents of the municipalities of Coimbra and Loulé, associates, members of PARTE partner organizations (AICA, AAVP, Exhibitio, RPAC and others to be designated), people with special needs and senior card holders (available only by picking up the ticket at the physical ticket office).

/ 10:0011:00 / Talk + Performance

What can art do in times of crisis, and is it able to imagine and propose alternatives outside of the exhibition room?

Neringa Bumblienė & Pedro Barateiro

Neringa Bumblienė

Pedro Barateiro

/ 11:3012:30 / Talk + Screening

On the model of the expanded cinema of the 1960s and 70s, can we imagine an "expanded theory of cinema" susceptible to enlarge our perception and understanding of artists' films production of today?

Philippe-Alain Michaud & Emily Wardill

Philippe-Alain Michaud

Emily Wardill

/ 14:3016:00 / Talk + Performance

How can museums shift from collecting models rooted in ownership, permanence and perpetuity to ones that privilege interaction, collaboration and exchange? & What if we de-modernized contemporary art institutions?

Clara Kim, Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy, Rodrigo Saturnino & Mariana Pestana

Clara Kim

Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy

Rodrigo Ribeiro Saturnino

Mariana Pestana

/ 16:0016:30 /

Artist Project

Inês Neto dos Santos

Inês Neto dos Santos

Artist Project

/ 16:3017:30 / Talk

Are cultural institutions integral to the creation of identity in a community?

Abaseh Mirvali & Jesse James

Abaseh Mirvali

Jesse James

/ 17:3018:30 / Talk + Screening

What about the water, is it the museum too?

Andrea Lissoni & Jorge Jácome

Andrea Lissoni

Jorge Jácome