Coimbra Session

Convento São Francisco



09:30 am - 18:30 pm


Doors Open:

09:00 am



Convento São Francisco

Avenida da Guarda Inglesa, nº 1 A

3040-293 Coimbra




Tickets and Passes:


Pass for 2 sessions Coimbra and Loulé: 40,00€.

Pass for 2 sessions Coimbra and Loulé with 50% discount: 20,00€.

Sales end Jul 25, 2022


Passes for the two sessions of PARTE Summit are available for sale in limited number, however single tickets for the Loulé and Coimbra sessions may be purchased at the physical or online ticket offices of the respective venues in Loulé and Coimbra.


Discounts apply to students, residents of the municipalities of Coimbra and Loulé, associates, members of PARTE partner organizations (AICA, AAVP, Exhibitio, RPAC and others to be designated), people with special needs and senior card holders (available only by picking up the ticket at the physical ticket office).

/ 10:0011:00 / Talk + Screening

Is change possible?

Zoé Whitley & Mónica de Miranda

Zoé Whitley

Mónica de Miranda

/ 11:3012:30 / Talk

How can cultural institutions operate differently and build diverse experiences in light of recent changes and events? & How can institutions host, live and work together?

Vincenzo de Bellis, Kasia Redzisz, Filipa Oliveira & Luís Silva

Vincenzo de Bellis

Kasia Redzisz

Filipa Oliveira

Luís Silva

/ 14:3015:00 / Talk + Screening

Why do we look at exhibitions?

Daniel Baumann & Gabriel Abrantes

Daniel Baumann

Gabriel Abrantes

/ 15:0016:00 / Talk

Twenty years into the institutionalization of performance, is performance still alive?

Hendrik Folkerts & David Cabecinha

Hendrik Folkerts

David Cabecinha

/ 16:0016:30 /


Rita Natálio

Rita Natálio


/ 17:0017:30 /

Artist's Project

Fernanda Fragateiro

Fernanda Fragateiro

Artist's Project

/ 17:3018:30 / Talk

How can institutions and artists raise awareness of feminist thought, challenge notions of gender identity, and champion women's voices?

Bruna Roccasalva, Ana Cristina Cachola & Filipa Bossuet

Bruna Roccasalva

Filipa Bossuet

Ana Cristina Cachola