PARTE Book: a comprehensive guide to Contemporary Art in Portugal

PARTE Book was launched on the 30th of July, in the Coimbra session of the PARTE Summit’22, and is one of the activities that are developed within the scope of the PARTE Portugal Art Encounters. 


This new publication-guide aims to support Art Tourism in Portugal, inviting to (re)discover the country through its museums, galleries, independent art spaces, and Contemporary Art events.


The book combines a comprehensive mapping of the artistic structures in Portugal, with the publication of authorial contributions, which contextualize and reflect on artistic practices in the local and international panorama. It complements, as a relevant and up-to-date editorial tool, the PARTE's program mission of supporting the internationalization of the Contemporary Art system in Portugal.


“In dialogue” was the motto defined by the guest editor, Ricardo Ramos Gonçalves, for the creation of this first PARTE Book, with a bilingual edition, in English and Portuguese, and 370 pages organized into two parts. The first gathers essays of the curators Delfim Sardo, Margarida Mendes, Neringa Bumblienė, and Vincenzo de Bellis, the researcher and poet Raquel Lima, the artists Odete and João Pedro Vale & Nuno Alexandre Ferreira, and interviews with the curators Isabel Carlos and Vicente Todolí.


The second area of ​​the book is dedicated to the Guide that maps and promotes knowledge about artistic and cultural structures in the different regions of the country, including the autonomous regions of the Azores and Madeira. The creation of this guide intends to motivate and accompany new trips and travellers, regardless of the knowledge that each reader holds about the Portuguese territory and artistic practices.


The PARTE Book has a cover price of 40 euros and will soon be available in a network of selected bookstores and stores. Meanwhile, you can purchase a copy or learn more about the distribution of the book using the email